Inventory of Hazardous Materials

In accordance with EU SRR & IMO Hong Kong Convention


Our company
Ultraship is a marine consultancy firm, which was founded on 1986, in Piraeus-Greece. The firm is consisted of naval architects and marine engineers, who are dedicated to provide solutions to shipping companies such as; Design & Engineering, Shipbuilding Supervision and Shipboard Manuals.
We are a long-term partner working continuously to secure future competitiveness for our customers. We are known for being reliable and for delivering quality. 
Our strategy is to achieve sustainable growth and to promote our international position through dedicated innovation processes and respect for diversity.
Our team
Our naval architects and marine engineers, are professionals with extensive experience in the maritime industry. Their experience varies from shipping companies and classification societies to shipyards and shipbuilding. Our engineers are, always, up to date about the new regulations and available for any clarification for our clients.



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Prepare any shipboard manual for your ship, online on our platform. Simply fill in the main particulars, answer the questions and the shipboard manual is ready.  



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Select the shipboard manual and instantly start preparing it.

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No charge per ship specific manual anymore. Prepare unlimited shipboard manuals for your fleet.

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The shipboard manuals are always updated.

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First we review and then we send you the final version of your shipboard manual.

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After Class review of shipboard manual, if
 any comment arises, the manual can be amended for free.

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You can access our platform from tablet, mobile and PC.




Design & Engineering
We develop innovative and environmentally friendly designs for cost-effective operations.
Keen consideration is given to CAPEX, OPEX and technical aspects such as safety, crew comfort and on-board logistics. We provide designs and engineering solutions for newbuildings, conversions and any other custom-made project.
We provide high quality consulting services to shipping companies, from evaluation phase and tendering to operation of the ship. Our experience within the field of consulting, is consisted of examples such as:
  • Concept Design Development
  • Hull-form Design
  • Performance Predictions
  • Stability Calculations
  • Damage Stability Calculations
  • Structural Load Prediction
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Local and Global Structural Optimization
  • Structural Production Design Drawings
  • Drawings to Class and Handling of Class Approval
  • Refit and Repair
Shipbuilding Supervision
Initially before shipbuilding begins, we thoroughly examine and evaluate all the main drawings and technical specifications, of the new building, to ensure the design is fully compliant with the latest mandatory international regulations. We anticipate regulatory changes and ensure that any new building takes into account regulations that have yet to be implemented. The plan approval at this stage aims to ensure that the latest most efficient and user-friendly arrangement from operational point of view is implemented, including any special requirements from the client.
The shipbuilding process influences the ship quality, the lifetime and lifecycle costs of the ship. Our experienced project management team, consisted of hull, painting, machinery, electrical personnel, ensures that the ship is built in accordance to signed contract, specification and regulations.

The project’s site team follows the construction schedule closely and additionally patrols the worksites for monitoring the safety and quality during construction of the ship.
The scope of shipbuilding supervision can be broadly categorized into the following stages:
  • Inspection, Evaluation and Selection of Shipyards
  • Project Evaluation
  • Specification and Contract Evaluation, Makers Selection
  • Drawing Approval
  • Project Supervision and Reporting
  • Shop Test Inspections
  • Sea Trials/Delivery
  • Guarantee Claims Handling
Inventory of Hazardous Materials
EU SRR will entry into force on 31st of December 2020 and will affect all ships above 500 GT with flag of a Member State and all ships with flag of a third country when calling a port or anchorage of a Member State.
EU SRR requires the development of an Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM), based on 15 hazardous materials and the maintenance of it throughout ship’s life cycle. 
Our approved HAZMAT experts can assist you in the development of the Inventory of Hazardous Materials for your fleet. 
The process for developing the Inventory of Hazardous Materials is as follows:
  • Collection of necessary documents-plans
  • Assessment of collected information
  • Preparation of visual/sampling check plan
  • Onboard visual check and sampling check
  • Laboratory analysis of samples;
  • Preparation of the Inventory and related documentation


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