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Panama Authorities Grant Discount Fifty Percent On Services Of Technical Documentation

Panama Authorities in order to increase the allocation of Panamanian cadets and officers on board the ships of Panama Registry, grant a discount incentive up until fifty percent (50%), over the current tariff on the services of technical documentation for the foreign seafarers, working on board ships of Panama Registry which embark officers and cadets of Panamanian nationality.

The discount percentage on the current tariff of the technical documentation services of the foreign crew members of the fleet of ships of a shipowner or operator shall be calculated based on the number of Panamanian officers and cadets embarked. The foreign crew members and Panamanian cadets or officers could belong to any of the ships of the fleet of the same shipowner or shipping company.

The timeframe to use the granted discount, shall be of one (1) calendar-year as of the date of the notification of the resolution granting said discount. After the validity period of said resolution, the discount benefit will lose its validity and shall be eliminated from the system, even though it has not been used in full.


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