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An amendment to support consistent implementation of the forthcoming 0.50% limit on sulphur in ships' fuel oil is adopted by MEPC. The new 0.50% limit on sulphur in ships' fuel oil will be in force from 1 January 2020, under IMO's MARPOL treaty, with benefits for the environment and human health. The complementary MARPOL amendment, also, will prohibit the carriage of non-compliant fuel oil for combustion purposes for propulsion or operation on board ships, unless the ships have exhaust gas cleaning systems ("scrubber") fitted.

Ships are required to keep on board a Ship Implementation Plan for the consistent implementation of 0.5 % sulphur limit under MARPOL Annex VI.

The ship implementation plan should include a risk assessment and mitigation plan (impact of new fuels), fuel oil system modifications and tank cleaning (if needed), fuel oil capacity and segregation capability, procurement of compliant fuel, fuel oil changeover plan (conventional residual fuel oils to 0.50% sulphur compliant fuel oil) and documentation and reporting.

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