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"Our maritime consulting services aim to provide solutions to a given problem, provide recommendations, assist during implementation, facilitate client learning and improve client's organizational effectiveness. Maritime industry is complex and fully regulated, with regulations entering into force almost annually. Our maritime consulting services are tailor made services, designed in a manner to fulfill each client's needs independently, by offering a blend of experience, knowledge, energy and enthusiasm."

EEXI Regulation

The attained Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) is required to be calculated for ships of 400 GT and above, in accordance with the different values set for ship types and size categories.


IHM Part I

Ships on international voyages, of 500 GT and above, flying the flag of an EU Member State or flying the flag of a third country when calling at a port or anchorage of an EU Member State, are required to have on board an IHM Part I. 

IHM Maintenance

Ships of 500 GT and above, with an 'Inventory Certificate' or 'Statement of Compliance' on Inventory of Hazardous Materials, are required to maintain and update the Inventory throughout their operational life.


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