Regulation (EU) 2015/757 monitoring, reporting and verification of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from maritime transport entered into force on 1 July, 2015. The objective of this regulation, known as the MRV Regulation, is to gain a better understanding of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions from shipping activities within Europe, and it could be used to inform any future greenhouse gas reduction initiatives.

Applies to:

  1. All vessels, irrespective of flag;

  2. Vessels greater than 5000 GRT;

  3. One or more commercial voyages into, out of or between European Union ports.

By 31st of August 2017, companies shall submit to the MRV verifiers a monitoring plan for each of their ships indicating the method chosen to monitor and report CO2 emissions and other relevant information.

ULTRASHIP can assist you by:

  • Preparing the monitoring plan for each vessel.

  • Providing the calculator for easy calculation of CO2 emissions, Average Energy Efficiency and other relevant information on annual and voyage basis, according to MRV Regulation.

  • Preparing the emission report.

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