Panama Canal Authority, on 1st of January 2016, released the OP NOTICE TO SHIPPING N-1-2016, with new requirements for Panama Canal Transit.

All vessels with TFW draught > 12.04m shall transit only through New Locks of the Panama Canal, if they arrive at fully loaded condition. All vessels transiting through the New Locks, shall comply with the new requirements regarding mooring & towing equipment. OP NOTICE TO SHIPPING N-1-2016 illustrates the required number, type and location of chocks and heavy bitts. Vessels not in compliance with the new requirements may be refused to transit.

See the figure below, which presents the new requirements for mooring - towing equipment:

ULTRASHIP can assist you by:

  • Reviewing the existing Mooring Arrangement Plan, to check the compliance with the new requirements of OP NOTICE TO SHIPPING N-1-2016.

  • Preparing the draft new Mooring Arrangement Plan, with the modified mooring-towing equipment, for submission to Panama Canal Authorities for review.

  • Preparing the Structural Analysis & Structural Drawings, for the modified mooring-towing equipment and under deck structure, for submission to Class for approval.

  • Preparing the revised final Mooring Arrangement Plan.

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