Recovery of

Persons Plan

Plans and procedures for recovery of persons from the water, SOLAS Regulation III/17-1

Recovery of Persons Plan
Life-saving and other equipment carried on board may be used to recover persons from the water, even though this may require using such equipment in unconventional ways.
Ship-specific procedures for the recovery of persons from the water should specify the anticipated conditions under which a recovery operation may be conducted without causing undue hazard to the ship and the ship's crew, taking into account, but not limited to:
  1. Manoeuvrability of the ship;
  2. Freeboard of the ship;
  3. Points on the ship to which casualties may be recovered;
  4. Characteristics and limitations of equipment intended to be used for recovery operations;
  5. Available crew and personal protective equipment (PPE);
  6. Wind force, direction and spray;
  7. Significant wave height (Hs);
  8. Period of waves;
  9. Swell;
  10. Safety of navigation.
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