Design &


We develop innovative and environmentally friendly designs for cost-effective operations.

Keen consideration is given to CAPEX, OPEX and technical aspects such as safety, crew comfort and on-board logistics. We provide designs and engineering solutions for newbuildings, conversions and any other custom-made project.

We provide high quality consulting services to shipping companies, from evaluation phase and tendering to operation of the ship. Our experience within the field of consulting, is consisted of examples such as:

  • Structural Reinforcements, using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software

  • Ship Lengthening, Widening, Deepening for capacity increase

  • Installation of new equipment on board (cranes, mooring winches, windlasses, bollards, chocks etc)

  • Amended stability calculations:

    • Trim & Stability Booklet

    • Solid Bulk Cargoes Manual

    • Grain Loading Manual

    • Damage Stability Booklet