Initially before shipbuilding begins, we thoroughly examine and evaluate all the main drawings and technical specifications, of the new building, to ensure the design is fully compliant with the latest mandatory international regulations. We anticipate regulatory changes and ensure that any new building takes into account regulations that have yet to be implemented. The plan approval at this stage aims to ensure that the latest most efficient and user-friendly arrangement from operational point of view is implemented, including any special requirements from the client.

More than 10 years experience

The shipbuilding process influences the ship quality, the lifetime and lifecycle costs of the ship. Our experienced project management team, consisted of hull, painting, machinery, electrical personnel, ensures that the ship is built in accordance to signed contract, specification and regulations.

The project’s site team follows the construction schedule closely and additionally patrols the worksites for monitoring the safety and quality during construction of the ship.


The scope of shipbuilding supervision can be broadly categorized into the following stages:

  • Inspection, Evaluation and Selection of Shipyards

  • Project Evaluation

  • Specification and Contract Evaluation, Makers Selection

  • Drawing Approval

  • Project Supervision and Reporting

  • Shop Test Inspections

  • Sea Trials/Delivery

  • Guarantee Claims Handling